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Meeting DC-DC Power System Requirements in Defense Applications
Thursday, 4 May at 8am Boston, 1pm London, 2pm Berlin and 5:30pm Bangalore
Presented by Vamshi Domudala, System Application Engineer at Vicor

Defense power systems design presents some of the most demanding requirements for electrical performance and environmental conditions, and many of these requirements are enforced by exacting standards. Size and weight can also be major constraints, while high reliability is critical, despite the harsh operating conditions.

Defense power systems often have challenging voltage range requirements, need suppression of large transients and require mitigation of EMI. This webinar explains how to overcome the multitude of challenges facing power system designers, drawing on Vicor’s 30 years of experience, supporting thousands of defense system designs.

Topics covered include:

  • MIL Standards to be met with DC-DC systems
  • Typical applications and test results
  • Reducing noise with filters and layout
  • Using power components optimized for defense applications

About the Presenter

Vamshi Domudala has a Master’s Degree Electrical and Computer engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and has several years of experience as System Application engineer at Vicor.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is a valuable resource for any engineer who is responsible for developing power systems for defense applications.  Technical managers who would like to understand the demanding requirements and how flexible power components can help to reduce design time, would also benefit from attending.


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