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White Paper: The Impact of Changes in Specification on Power System Designers
Spec Changes Top List of Power Designers’ Challenges

White PaperRecent research by Vicor found that the biggest challenge facing power system designers around the world was changes to requirements and specifications during development. Download this white paper to learn why this is such a problem and how the impact of changes can be mitigated.

Today power systems must provide more power from less space and with higher efficiencies. Despite the difficulty of overcoming these demands, this white paper explains why changes in specifications are the biggest problem for power engineers today. Download this important white paper to learn:

  • Why changes to specifications are such a problem
  • How these changes impact development cost and timescales
  • Why the problem is getting worse
  • Techniques to mitigate the impact of changes during the development process
  • What other challenges keep engineers awake at night

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